Our Back-office Accounting and Taxation Support Services product, designed built and operated by 3resource LLP to assist micro enterprises with their entire suite of book-keeping, accounting, taxation and other compliance requirements


Cloud Computing and the interface with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as driver and integrator of organisational and strategic change


Our Tax planning and mitigation strategies service aimed at forward thinking individuals and corporations who choose to manage their own cash flows and destiny within the fiscal frameworks currently presented to them


Create the Value

Manage for Value

Measure the Value

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Our specialist Organisational Target Operating Model Transformation

support services at either a strategic or operational level

The Boardroom Incubator

The Boardroom Incubator is aimed at encouraging and developing women to become business leaders and board members
in either listed and non listed organisations.
Our aim is to create a ‘risk-free’ educational, training and development resource for women aspiring to gain their rightful places
in Boardrooms and be accepted as peers amongst other Boardroom members.

Intuit / QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme member



A product aimed at Small and Medium Sized enterprises looking for additional support or to Outsource the production of their monthly Management Accounts and Business Intelligence services

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