Our Philosophy

Adam Smith envisioned the ‘Invisible Hand‘ as a mechanism to ensure opportunity and growth was provided in a free market, via principles such as self-interest prompting wealth creation for all willing and able participants.

Our belief is that the Invisible Hand still holds true in today’s market; however the theory and philosophy was developed to explain the dynamics for an Industrializing World in the mid 18th Century.

Profile of Adam Smith
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Today, we have a Digitized World and just as the world moves on, so too should our understanding and learning of the world and forces shaping that world. Hence the need for a deeper and richer force for good in the market – the Soul of the Market. Not a spiritual manifestation, but a FORCE to bring meaning and life to SPONTANEOUS ORDER and CREATIVE DESTRUCTION. We at the theMarketSoul believe in and actively promote Fair, Open and Free Access to markets, underpinned by COMPETITIVE FORCES driving INNOVATION.

Free Market + Yard Sale
Free Market + Yard Sale (Photo credit: T/\KEC/\RE)

Here at theMarketSoul ©1999 – 2017 it is our aim to explore and learn to understand the Soul of the Market in a

world holding firm to principles of Fairness, Openness and Freedom to participate at will in any market, anywhere, any time with anyone willing to participate on those principles too.

The Free Market: A False Idol After All?
The Free Market: A False Idol After All? (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

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