We are here to INSPIRE

<a href=""></a>Inspire vision, direction, clarity of economic thought and above all the creation of an environment in which human dignity and rights are preserved, in order to give life force to the ideas of hope and prosperity, not at any cost, but at responsibly true and fair economic factor costs; so that we can encourage the growth and development of sustainable human endeavours …the rest is just noise!

theMarketSoul ©1999 – 2015 is an Open Source Global Thought Leadership, collaboration partner, financial and behavioural economists with the stated aim of increasing the understanding of economics in general by experiential learning methodologies.

Our three guiding principles:

1. Spontaneous Order – [Open, Fair & Free Markets]

2. Creative Destruction – [Market Forces]

3. Transcending the Tyranny of the Status Quo – [Market Processes & Continuous Improvement]

Spontaneous order is the spontaneous emergence of order out of seeming chaos; the emergence of various kinds of social order from a combination of self-interested individuals who are not intentionally trying to create order.

Creative destruction is an economic theory of innovation and progress, introduced by German sociologist Werner Sombart and elaborated and popularized by the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter.[1]