We do not purport this site or any articles, messages, links or other information posted to or from it, to serve as investment advice or that it should be acted upon as investment advice.

We only express opinions on the state of individual economies and aspects and influences acting on those economies and business environments.

You should note that any investment in any asset class or any liability incurred is a risky enterprise and that the prices and values of the assets or liabilities may fluctuate over time. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for invests you might make, following any opinions or purported facts stated on this site or any sites linked to or from this site.

The web site, links to or from this web site and the contents thereof is for general guidance purposes only and no liability is accepted by theMarketSoul ©1999 – 2021 and its contributors for any action taken or not taken in reliance upon the contents of the web site and where appropriate professional advice should be obtained.

Should you require any further information, please contact us for more details on our standard terms and conditions of trade. (Please follow the ‘Contact us‘ link)

theMarketSoul ©1999 – 2021


theMarketSoul is a product of 3resource Limited.

Other products of 3resource Limited include:

BASiQxBack-office Accounting and Taxation solutions

ValueBasicsFinancial Economics including Value Based principles and EVA® principles

ProjeCountOur specialist Organisational Target Operating Model Transformation support services at either a strategic or operational level

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