The Hungry Spirit

Today’s post is a very short and concise post, yet these are some inspirational quotes and extracts from two chapter’s of Charles Handy’s 1997 book entitled: “The Hungry Spirit“:


A Life of our own

Capitalism, efficiency and markets have their flaws, but also their uses.  They are neither the complete answer to our dilemmas nor the only cause of the.  They provide some of the context of our lives but not the purpose.  For that we need a philosophy not an economic system.


A better capitalism

Left to themselves, things do not necessarily work out for the best. Laissez faire is value free. No one is responsible for anyone else.  That is improper selfishness and can self-destruct.  We need something better.  Capitalism as an idea includes social capital as well as economic capitalism.  One without the other will not work for long.


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