End to End or Integrated systems and thinking processes


We hear this management buzz word quite often touted in office settings, and conferences in the media, etc.

We argue today that silos are cultural norms.  They are national cultural models possibly endemic of certain national cultures.  We certainly have no empirical evidence for this, so this is pure opinion and conjecture on the part of theMarketSoul contributors.

In our previous article titled Increased Friction Costs we briefly touched on the issue of processes being back to front in Britain.  Processes are very much driven by the national ‘Carrot & Stick’ approach, rather than an enablement, ‘build and they will come’ approach where solutions are found and embedded then suitable and profitable markets are found for those solutions.

Now we can argue that in a very narrowly defined risk management culture and faced with the reality of reduced opportunity to obtain and procure financing to ‘build solutions on speculation’, we just cannot afford to change our exiting disastrous management and control processes.

But this is exactly where we have to stop the train as quickly as possible and change direction to ‘climb the hill ahead’ so that we can experience the potential and opportunity to ‘see the view from another mountain top vantage spot’…

We are in a tight spot.  That is a fact.  However, we are being held to ransom at the moment by a ‘political’ system and governing party trying to string out the last days of their tenure in power.  [This article was initially written before the General Election in Britain].

There is hope, there is a sliver of light and opportunity on the horizon.  However, we will need to learn to deal with some pain, as we readjust the ‘crowding out’ of growth by the public sector and debt burden.  However, we need to recognise that we will have to apply a bit more ‘market discipline’ to finding, scoping, building and implementing solutions to our problems.

Small and localism are in fact parts of (but not the entire) solution, where small providers (entrepreneurs) are incentivised and tasked with coming together to experiment and create solutions, that hopefully mitigates the risk of large scale failure, but at the same time find scalable solutions that can rapidly be deployed to solve some of the challenges we currently face.

In IT deployment and development projects they call this kind of rapid, ‘low hanging fruits’ approach to development work Agile Development or AD for short.  Maybe this together with the professional service chains and clustering we will touch on in subsequent articles is the way forward.

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One thought on “End to End or Integrated systems and thinking processes

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